Sunday, November 22, 2009

How I Fell In Love With Cloth

When I was pregnant with my third son, who is now 26 months old, I didn’t really give much thought to cloth diapers. I had really wanted to use cloth diapers with my first son, but felt really discouraged about the whole thing. After talking with my mother in law I imagined it to be something gross and unpleasant. And at that time, almost 11 years ago, there really wasn't any info on cloth diapering. There sure wasn't any diapers out like there are now!

After my third son was born I decided to look into cloth diapers and boy was I surprised! Cloth diapers are not what your grandma used anymore! They are completely different, easy to use and uber cute! The problem I came across was, I was completely overwhelmed. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of cloth diapers. Pockets, All In Ones, Fitteds, Pre Fitteds. I had no idea what it all meant. My head was spinning as I searched the internet trying to figure out what was what and what to use.

When I saw BumGenius One Size Pocket diapers though, I was mesmerized. I had no idea diapers could be so cool. The word ‘newfangled’ comes to mind, lol. I carefully researched pocket diapers and compared them to the other types of diapers and compared BumGenius to the other diapers. I knew I had to convince my husband to try cloth diapers. I spouted the many reasons why we should use cloth diapers. Great for the environment of course, but most importantly, we would save money! He liked the sound of that. It was the initial investment that was the part he didn’t like. “These diapers cost HOW much?” after showing him the BumGenius. We agreed that they looked really amazing though and that we should try one out. I bought one BumGenius pocket diaper, a few used Fuzzi Bunz, a few prefolds and a few fitteds to try. The Fuzzi Bunz leaked everywhere and the prefolds and fitteds seemed totally soaked every time I changed him. The BumGenius, however, were awesome, just as I had thought. He stayed dry, didn't leak, and they were so darn cute!

And that was how I got hooked. Once I tried the Bumgenius I was amazed and completely hooked. It was like an addiction. One led to three more and then six more. Then I had to have at least 24 so I could last a few days before washing. It took me a couple of months to get them all, and while I slowly built up my stash, I washed every day or two, lovingly taking care of my prized diapers. I remember using the only one I had then washing it as soon as it was dirty so I could reuse it. One wash days I would take my diapers out of the drier and happily stuff the inserts into the pockets and line them up according to color. Yeah, I had it bad.

Now many dollars and many diapers later, I don’t even have sold, bought, sold and boutht these diapers! LOL. Talk about addiction! Once I got the hang of what I was doing and what I liked and didn't like, I had to try many, many other diapers n my quest for perfection. Luckily I found where I could sell my diapers to fund more, more, more! I don't know if it's just my personality, or if it's because I spend a good part of my day changing diapers, or if it's just a quest for that perfect diaper, but I am fully obsessed with cloth diapers. I would have never thought a few years ago I would be writing such a thing. I do know that I am not alone in my addiction and my OCD like obsessions. And guess what? BumGenius just came out with a new kind of diaper! Hey! Now I need to sell all my other diapers for some! LOL! What can I say?

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