Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Muttaqin Baby Newborn Fitteds Review

This is my review of Muttaqin Baby (or fondly known as Mutts) newborn fitteds. I tried these on my son when he was about a week old and 7 lbs. These diapers are made with a cotton knit outer, a bamboo fleece soaker, and a cotton velour inner. They retail for $15 on the Muttaqin Baby website.

My attraction to this particular diaper, aside from the cute prints, was the snap down on the front of the diaper for the umbilical cord. Here is a picture of my son Jace at a week old and 7 lbs.

The Pros:

Snap down for umbilical cord helps keep cord from being irritated.
Bamboo soaker is absorbent and snaps in/out diaper for faster drying time.
Velour inner is soft.
Fits very nicely under newborn size covers.
Very stretchy and has ability to fit larger newborns and into the first few months of baby's life.
Price is reasonable and if you sign up for Muttaqin Baby newsletters you can get a heads on up sales.
Prints are super cute : )

The Cons:

The soaker is long and while this can be a pro for use as the baby gets older, it is a con for the very newborn stage. I had to fold the soaker over in the front making it a bit bulky.
The umbilical cord snap down would have been better if it snapped down a little farther. While it did do it's job, I feel that if it was snapped down lower it would have worked better.

Overall I would give this diaper a 5 star rating. The customer service for Muttaqin Baby diapers is amazing. I have emailed Michelle the owner on a few occasions and she is extremely helpful. The craftwomanship of these diapers is awesome. If you are in the market for newborn fitteds I recommend trying these.

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